R.D. Saunders

I’m the author of, Underground and Radioactive. The book is available  in ebook format from most online retailers and in paperback from McFarland Book Publishers, Amazon and others. In it,  I talk about life working in a New Mexico uranium mine at Ambrosia Lake. Not much technical detail in the book because it’s more about the stories I accumulated, most of which contain a good deal of humor. The work wasn’t easy but it sure was fun. I wrote the book to give readers some insight into what it’s like underground and to preserve the history of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s mining methods and as a tribute to the hundreds of miners, helpers, laborers, geologists, bosses and others I worked with, not to mention the many thousands in the area at that time.

In many ways uranium mining has changed drastically from what it once was. It’s still tough work today, but different. I may talk about that a little here from time to time. I will say that no matter what the era it’s not easy to go underground and to adapt to that environment let alone get any work done. Excluding myself for the moment, the people that do it are definitely unique.

I love old mining photos so I’ll probably post some of those and the accompanying stories as well. Whenever I think it was rough working doing what I did I look at some of those photos and realize how relatively easy we had it.