First Dates

Ok, I love reality TV.  For a few years now  I’ve been enjoying the dating show First Dates thats been airing in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. (I have a note elsewhere on here about how I do that via Kodi) Pretty basic show where we get to observe actual blind dates in a restaurant run specifically for that purpose. I find it fascinating. My wife and I used to go to a couple of places that were known as blind date hangouts just to overhear some of the conversations. Actually we met on blind date so I know a little about it myself.

Even though First Dates does have some class, I always wondered why we didn’t have the show here in the U.S.

There is zero age discrimination on this show. There other day I saw a UK Blind Dates show where the guy was 90 and the woman was 88. You might expect different reactions but there’s no difference  between 18 and 90 when it comes to dating.

There is no gender or sexual orientation discrimination on the show either. None. It’s just great that way.

Big surprise it was to find First Dates finally showing up here on NBC a few weeks ago. Same exact format as in the other countries I mentioned too. No scripted fake drama inserted, just blind dates we get to listen in on. Looks like Ellen DeGeneres is behind the U.S. version so many thanks to her.

There aren’t a lot of actual reality shows around but Blind Dates is one of them.

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