Kodi Time

I found out about Kodi recently. If you don’t know what it is and you like to browse Internet TV and movie content you’ll be interested in Kodi.

Kodi comes in a small box that connects to your home router via wifi or hard wire and instantly gives you access to, literally, the world.  It’s open source so I’m not advertising anything here. You could download Kodi software right now for free and use it on your computer but buying a small box with Kodi and many free viewing apps pre-installed from one of many online retailers makes it a whole lot easier.

There are hundreds of thousands of programs and movies available via Kodi and a lot of it is actually legal to access.  Although you’ll have access to just about everything shown anywhere on any service, network or theater, you’ll have be careful not to infringe anyones rights of ownership.

One look at Kodi videos on YouTube and you’ll soon understand the scope of what I’m talking about here. It’s truly astounding. Yes, there’s a rather steep learning curve but with semi-moderate computing skills and/or interest you’ll be enjoying a world of entertainment you didn’t know existed.

Without getting too technical I’ll say there are two important things to have once you choose a Kodi box. One is a virtual privacy network, VPN. Gotta have that to protect your anonymity just in case you screw up and watch things that infringe the rights of those that own it. The second is a Debrid service like Real-Debrid or AllDebrid.  Basically a debrid service is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to quickly download files hosted on the Internet or instantly stream them into an innovative web player like Kodi. A debrid service will reliably speed up your streaming. Gotta have one. Both the VPN and debrid service are extremely inexpensive.

As for the Kodi box just do a little research and read the reviews before you choose one. They’re cheap. I have one box that came fully loaded and cost me under fifty bucks and another that was around seventy bucks. The only difference I can see is one box looks pretty sleek and fancy and the other is a little ugly square thing about the size of a pop-tart. They both work great.

Lots and lots of international programming available so if you like shows from the UK or Australia for example you can watch all their shows. Many, many other countries as well. I haven’t seen anything from North Korea yet but it might be there and I’ve just missed it. Sports fans will love Kodi. So, if you love new TV programming both domestic and international plus a new and exciting source for movies, check out Kodi.

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