Underground and Radioactive

In my soon to be released book, Underground and Radioactive, I talk about what it was like working underground mining uranium at Ambrosia Lake, NM during the 1970’s. It wasn’t until recently that I looked into how uranium is mined today. I guess I assumed that although there aren’t any working mines in the Ambrosia Lake area today that wherever the new mines are the process of extracting the ore is the same or similar. What a shock to learn  of the improvements in  the mining process. Today it’s a much more efficient process and highly mechanized as opposed to the more labor intensive ore extraction techniques we used. Mining uranium 40 years ago seems almost prehistoric compared to today. People still go underground to get at the ore and while it seems routine to the people doing it the reality it is not. I’m sure todays miners have some interesting stories to tell just like I do.

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